Peake Finance provides asset management services through multi-strategy funds, private debt equity funds, credit funds, real estate funds, equity funds in addition to a a wide range of alternative investment vehicles which have been designed to meet the needs of our institutional investors around the world.

Our primary objective is to create long-term value for our investors by generating consistent returns whilst minimizing exposure to risk.

Our investment methodology is an amalgam of the following:

Consistent, Positive Returns

Our investment methodology entails generating consistent, positive returns across different market cycles, with low volatility. We aim to preserve capital during periods of market decline and produce competitive investment performance in rising markets.

Multi-Strategy Approach

Our funds comprise of investments that utilize an array of strategies and instruments across global markets. Portfolio composition involves selecting the best market opportunities, in accordance with the predefined objectives for each of our funds.

Focus on Fundamentals

The investments incorporated in our strategies are underpinned by rigorous fundamental analysis. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative research when assessing the risk/reward parameters and perform extensive due diligence on the investment vehicle.

Use of Leverage

Our funds do not rely heavily on leverage in order to generate returns. Our aversion to risk limits the amount of leverage on a portfolio-wide basis.

Disciplined Investment and Risk Management Processes

Our investment and risk analysis is a key component of our asset allocation process. We focus on hedging investments whilst diligently managing portfolio exposure. Our risk management practices utilize both quantitative and qualitative analysis, which are an integral part of our daily investment process.

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